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I'm Lisa, a mentored birth doula, hypnobirthing and birth preparation instructor, Arvigo® therapist and pregnancy massage therapist. I have a special interest in caring for women through pregnancy, labour, and to aid postnatal recovery. I am a licensed home visiting complementary therapist for York and East Yorkshire and I'm able to doula within 1hrs travel of my home in Pocklington, East Yorks.

I am mama to three, spirited, wee girls who are my world. All three of our girls were born at home and in water. Two were attended, one was not, and each were wholly different experiences. All three had similar things in common though - overwhelming love, empowerment, and exhilaration!

I have felt a deep calling to be a doula all of my life. I am a self confessed pregnancy and birth nerd and I'm incredibly passionate about empowering birthing people and their family, with whole-hearted support, throughout their journey, no-matter which path they wish to take. 

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"One of the greatest secrets about childbirth is not that it is painful beyond measure, but that women are powerful beyond measure".



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I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to fill out the form below or give me a call. If I don't answer straight away I'll either be with another client or tending to my tiny humans. Don't worry though, I will get back to you. 

Say hello: 07963 214270
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