Antenatal / birth preparation workshop

Birth preparation is really important. It should help you feel confident in your abilities and the decisions that you make about your labour and birth. This is a fun and informative antenatal class. I will talk you through your options and help with your birth preparation and birth plan. It's ideal to take this workshop at any point during your pregnancy but if you haven't already done so I highly recommend you take it alongside the Hypnobirthing workshop I also run.

What To Expect

I will take you on a step by step journey of how our bodies birth our babies. There are amazing physical, hormonal, and emotional processes our bodies work through during labour and birth.

My aim is to help you to understand more about the physiology behind birth and labour. Learning how competent and incredible your body is can help you feel confident and relaxed through the stages of birth. I will teach practical skills for you and your birth partner so they feel comfortable in their role. These can be used during late pregnancy, labour and birth to help you feel calm and in control.

The information I present to you is taken from evidence-based practice and has been written to promote a positive and holistic approach to your birth.

What The Workshop Covers

  • Positive attitudes in pregnancy

  • Hormones in pregnancy and birth

  • Understanding your pelvis

  • Stages of labour

  • Ways to reduce stress in labour

  • How to be a birth partner and advocate in labour

  • Positions for birthing

  • Skin to skin with your baby

  • Baby’s adjustment to its new world

Workshops coming up:

Taking private bookings only at the moment. New venue and workshops starting in January in Pocklington. Message for details. 

Your booking is for yourself and your chosen birth partner.

Cost: £125 (payable on booking)

To enquire or to book please contact me on the below form/email/give me a call.



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