Mindful Hypnobirthing workshop

This is no ordinary hypnobirthing class, it’s about your mindset and your partners mindset. Teaching focuses on how your thoughts, and your partners thoughts and actions, can affect your body during pregnancy and labour. By including practical hypnobirthing and mindfulness techniques as well as enhanced understanding of the psychology of birth I teach you what you need to know if you want to feel really prepared for your baby’s birth.


The techniques you learn will have you and your birth partner working together as a team, able to be calm, stay focused or to ask the questions you need to with a deep-seated confidence. When all of this is in place, baby can be born into a gentle, loving environment, with everyone connected in the experience through the preparation they have done.


Hypnosis and mindfulness are not just relaxation techniques, when you are taught in a class you will really understand the difference.

What you will learn:

  • Simple but effective hypnosis and mindfulness techniques that will keep you in your birthing zone

  • How your partner can support you using hypnosis and mindfulness 

  • To feel confident and look forward to your baby’s birth

  • How to ask the right questions and be in control of your choices and why that’s important

  • Accelerated conditioning techniques so your body reacts and relaxes quickly to labour (accompanied by 9 mp3 tracks)

  • How to do a fear release with a qualified practitioner

  • Which techniques work best and why during each contraction

  • Why transition throws so many birthing people off track and how you and your partner can handle it


So, what are the benefits of the Mindful Mamma mindful hypnobirthing workshop? 

  • Calmer baby after birth 

  • Feeling calm, confident and positive about your birth

  • You are able to address and release any fear you may have of birthing and parenting

  • Your birthing partner will understand just how important their role is and rather than feeling helpless know what they can do to help

  • How to stay in your birthing zone and in control of your own responses

  • You’ll be able to make your environment instinctively comfortable, wherever you birth, using hypnosis, and NLP techniques.

  • How to build a trusting relationship with your midwife

  • The opportunity to reflect, discuss, share questions with a practitioner

  • Ongoing support from me

  • Exclusive access to the Mindful Mamma online class resource area

  • A discount code for purchase for any additional mp3 albums

  • A monthly newsletter with news, video, offers and events


The workshop is very informal and relaxed and is purposefully kept small to allow for people to ask questions and feel comfortable. 


This class goes very well alongside my birth preparation workshop or if you have previously completed an NCT course.

Workshops coming up:

Taking private bookings only at the moment. New venue and workshops starting in January in Pocklington. Message for details. 

Cost: £135 (payable on booking)

To enquire or to book please contact me on the below form or give me a call.

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